Bid Package Coordination

Review the complete list of bid packages for all materials and work, in order to provide full assignment coordination and responsibility for the work.

Bid Formal Advisement

Review and advise on the bidding format and instructions for each trade, to ensure proper response to base bids, specific alternate bids and unit price requests.

Early Purchase Bid Package Review

Review early purchase bid packages.  Confirm inclusion, in major installation packages, of all requirements for special receipt, handling, and installation of materials and equipment to be furnished by others.

Bidder Analysis

Confirm Contractors’ availability, reputation and capacity for reliable performance, bond ability and other information for their inclusion on the Bid List.

Bidder Interviews

Interview qualified contractors to induce and confirm their interest in bidding, and to ensure effective competition between bidders.

Bidders List Recommendation

Establish, subject to Owner’s approval, the recommended Bidders List for major elements of the work.


Pre-Bid Conferences

As required, schedule and administer pre-bid conferences, and assist in the response to questions raised during the bidding period.

Bid Evaluation

Evaluate Base Bids; Alternate Proposals, Unit Prices, and such other data as may be pertinent.

Analysis Of Cost Proposals

Review all cost proposals in relation to the known local and current market for similar work.  Extensive in-house cost data and recent buyout information is used in these analyses.

Scope Meetings

Lead meetings with bidders to discuss and understand their bids and proposed approach, to ensure that they fit within the coordinated construction schedule.  These meetings cover project logistics, manpower and sequence of operations.

Independent Evaluation

Make a complete independent evaluation of the bids and post-bid discussions, contractor selection, alternates to be accepted, unit prices to be included, and make recommendations for award.