Design Review

Review the plans and specifications developed by the Architectural/Engineering teams and makes practical recommendations for the constructability that may save time and/or money.

Building Systems Analysis

Analyze building systems, materials, and equipment as to their appropriateness, first cost and life cycle investment.

New/ Innovative Development Advisement

Review design drawings with respect to new and innovative developments, which may produce savings in time and/or money while maintaining or improving quality.

Long Lead Items Identifications

Review design for adaptability to staged construction, in order to make early commitments for the purchase and fabrication of long-lead items.

Construction Feasibility

Evaluate the design to ensure construction feasibility, construction ease and speed, the use of appropriate laborsaving, off-site fabrication, and pre-assembly of building systems.

Specifications Review

Review design specifications to insure conformance with current trade practices and appropriate allocation of equipment purchases and work assignments.

Alternate Systems Review

Review design specifications to ensure that alternate systems, components, materials and techniques are fully identified and specified so as to permit proper bidder response.

Bidding Alternates Development

Where appropriate, develop bidding, alternates on materials, construction techniques, fabrication and installation methods, to take advantage of current conditions in the construction marketplace.

Budget Preparation

Prepare comprehensive trade-by-trade project budgets, at various levels of design refinement, including detailed cost development of systems, assemblies, equipment and materials.

Local Pricing Analysis

Advise Owner of anticipated project start dates and current pricing for labor and materials throughout the project area.

Labor Market Analysis

Investigate, analyze and advise Owner of existing and projected labor availability in key trades.  Review design to minimize allocation of work too less readily available trades.

Local Work Practices Advisement

Advise on jurisdictional assignments, labor agreement obligations, trade restrictions and local work practices.

Project Implementation Plan

Develop and utilize a project implementation plan to analyze special requirements and conditions.  Detail all such requirements and conditions in the bidding documents before the actual work commences in the field.

Fast Tracing Analysis

Identify opportunities for “fast-tracking” the overall project schedule and evaluate costs and benefits of such strategies.

Special Items Identification

Identify requirements for off-hours work, overtime work, programs, and shutdowns so that such requirements may be addressed in the bid documents.


Develop bar chart, milestone and CPM schedules, which highlight critical decisions, identify long-lead items, and provide for their advance procurement.